Top 5 Best Midfielders in La Liga 2021

 The Spanish La Liga this season is almost over and it has been an interesting season to watch.  It is amazing to see that the winner of the la Liga tournament this season is still not decided as thee gap difference of points is still tight up between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid.

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5 Best Midfielders in the Spanish La Liga 2021 

Stick on to your reading and discover the 5 best players of the La Liga of the la Liga 2021. 

1. Mikel Merino, Real Sociedad 

The Spanish midfielder Mikel Merino has had an outstanding season for Real Sociedad since the start of the 2021 la Liga campaign. The 24 years old Spanish midfielder has enjoyed a prominent rise this season even though the player has so far contributed to just 4 assists and 2 goals. But what keeps him sitted at the top of this our ranking is good works from the middle of the field, vision,ability and confidence once on the ball. 

Top 5 Best Midfielders in La Liga 2021

Mikel Merino has also played for Newcastle where he was also outstanding before he joined Real Sociedad. 

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2. Frenkie De Jong , Barcelona 

The Dutchman since joining from Barcelona from Ajax has been remarkable for the catalonians. This season the young midfielder played more of a role of a central midfielder under Ronald Koemen and he has been able to score 3 goals and 4 assists. 

The young Dutch is not only one of the best midfielders in the La Liga but he also features as one of the best in the World. 

Top 5 Best Midfielders in La Liga 2021

Even though being young, he already possesses great qualities of a midfielder such as holding possesion of the ball, pace, playmaker, skills and his sublime vision in passing the ball. 

3. Marcos Llorente , Atletico Madrid

Yes another Spanish midfielder on our list of the top five best midfielders in La Liga 2021. We can surely say that the Spanish player enjoyed one of his most prolific campaign this  season in L liga. Even though he stands 3rd on this list, he has so far in the la Liga 2020-2021 seaoson scored 12 goals and provided 11 assists thereby helping his team Atletico Madrid to continue their race for the La Liga title. 

Top 5 Best Midfielders in La Liga 2021

Probably the 26 years old mid fielder will end this La Liga campaign as the second highest goal scorer for Atletico behind Luis Suarez. So looking at his statistics this season and his play, we can say he was among the best midfielders in La Liga in this 2021 season.

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4. Casemiro, Real Madrid 

Casemiro still continues to show himself as one of the best midfielders not only in La Liga but in the World at large as he keeps on being consistent in the midfield for Real Madrid. The Brazilian international also played a great role last season as the Los Blancos moved to their 34th La liga win. 

Aside from his great quality as a defending midfielder, he is also great at helping his team upfront and he has score 6 goals so far this season and provided 3 assists. 

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5. Toni Kroos , Real Madrid 

The German midfielder just like his team mate above in the list has also kept on the level at the midfield for his club Real Madrid and he has scored 3 goals and provided 10 assists for the Los Blancos to help them keep the pressure on Real Madrid. 

Top 5 Best Midfielders in La Liga 2021

Other Honored midfielders in La Liga 

Sergio Busquet- Barcelona 

Dani Parejo - Villareal 

Fede Valverde- Real Madrid 

Ivan Rakitic- Sevilla 

Frequently Asked questions 

1. Who is Best midfielder in La Liga 2021? based on our ranking above this crown goes to Mikel Merino of Real Sociedad. 

2. Five best midfielders in La Liga this season