Top 10 Highest Goalscorers In The History of Football

Interestingly, Lionel Messi does not lead the charts for highest goalscorers of all-time. Find out who is the highest goal scorer of all time.
Top Ten Highest Goalscorers of All Time

In football, what it takes to win a goal is scoring as many goals as possible so that is why the position of striker is actually one of the most demanding position in the game of football. 

So the game of football since its creation have known many great goalscorers but the actual question is among all these great goalscorers, Who is the highest goalscorer of all times.

Stay glued to this article and find out our rankings of the 10 highest goal scorers of all time in football history. From the legendary Josef Bican and Pele to the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Who is the Most Highest Goal Scorer In History?

At the time of writing this article, the highest goal scorer in history is the Portuguese super star Cristiano Ronaldo, having scored a total number of 840 goals so far.

You might also want to know the African Highest Goal Scorers Of All time.

Top Ten Goal scorers in Soccer History

Certainly! The world of football has seen many prolific goalscorers throughout history. Here is an article on the top ten highest goal scorers of all time:

10. Ferenc Deak (Hungary) – 576 goals

In the previous century, football was a popular sport in Hungary. One of their best players and a deadly goal scorer was Ferenc Deak. With 576 goals scored, he is the second-most prolific goal scorer in Hungary.

9. Tulio Maravilha (Brazil) – 588 goals

Tulio Maravilha is a legend when it comes to Brazilian football. He played for over 40 clubs in his career, scoring 588 goals in the process. He retired as a professional in 2017 and also has 10 goals in 15 caps for the Brazil national team. 

8. Eusebio (Portugal) – 623 goals

At least on par with Cristiano Ronaldo, Eusebio is still regarded by many as the best Portuguese footballer of all time. Such was the majesty of the former SL Benfica great and attacker. He finished his career with 623 goals. He also won the Golden Boot at the 1966 FIFA World Cup as well as the 1965 Ballon d'Or.

7. Gerd Muller (Germany) – 735 goals

Germany has a talent for creating outstanding strikers. However, just one person—Gerd Muller—is regarded as being the best of all time. The famous striker for Bayern Munich and Germany amassed 735 goals during his playing days. Additionally, he assisted his nation in winning the 1974 FIFA World Cup and was a 1970 Ballon d'Or winner. He also holds the record for most goals scored in the German Bundesliga.

6. Ferenc Puskas (Hungary) – 746 goals

The greatest Hungarian to ever grace the field. Ferenc Puskas also has an award by his name which is given to the best goal every calendar year. Puskas was an iconic striker who used to score goals for fun.

He has 746 goals in 754 overall appearances. He was a three-time UEFA Champions League winner with Real Madrid and also an Olympic gold medalist with Hungary.

5. Josef Bican (Czech Republic) – 759 goals

Josef Bican was the leading goalscorer in football’s history for a long time. He reportedly scored 759 goals in his lifetime. Bican played for Czechoslovakia and Austria back in the day and further recorded 395 goals in 217 games for Slavia Prague.

4. Pele (Brazil) – 767 goals

Along with Diego Maradona from earlier generations, Pele is largely recognized as the greatest football player to ever play the game. He scored 643 goals for Brazilian team Santos, but it has been claimed that he actually scored over 1200, a total that is in question. Pele added 77 goals to his tally for the Brazil national team. According to records, Pele is Brazil's second-highest goalscorer. He helped his country win the FIFA World Cup three times.

3. Romario (Brazil) – 780 goals

Romario is the highest goalscoring Brazilian and a legend of the game. He scored 780 goals from a reported 1000 games in his career. He led the Selecao to World Cup glory in 1994. Romario also featured for clubs like FC Barcelona, PSV Eindhoven and Flamengo.

2. Lionel Messi (Argentina) – 800 goals

The list of accomplishments for Lionel Messi is amazing. With Argentina, he won the Copa America in 2021 and the FIFA World Cup 2022, adding the elusive world championship to his brilliant resume.

The legendary player from Argentina struck a spectacular free kick during a friendly international match to bring his career total of goals to 800, placing him among the top assist producers and goal scorers in football history. One might anticipate Messi to surpass Ronaldo because he still has a few more years left to play.

Among football fans who are interested in online betting, Messi is a fan favorite. 

Top Ten Highest Goalscorers of All Time

1. Cristiano Ronaldo - 840 Goals 

The best players of all time are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, respectively. Particularly in the present era of football where competition is even more fierce, their statistics are just astounding. The Portuguese master scored more goals than any other player in football history throughout his successful tenures at Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

Ronaldo has succeeded not just in club football but also on the international stage, having scored 118 goals for Portugal and holding the record for most goals scored in men's international football. He has 830 career goals, and if he stays active, he will shortly reach 850. Ronaldo scored against Sherif in the UEFA Europa League for the first time in 2022–23.

Top Ten Highest Goalscorers of All Time

Final Thoughts On Top 10 Highest Goalscorers of All Time

It's worth noting that data on goalscorers, especially from earlier eras, may not always be precise due to varying sources and record-keeping practices. Nonetheless, these ten players have left an indelible mark on football history through their incredible goal-scoring feats.

Please note that these rankings are accurate as of the time of writing, and goal totals may vary slightly due to ongoing active careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has most hat-tricks in football history?

Guinness Book of World Records recognizes Pele as the player with the most hat-tricks in the history of football with 92.

Who has most hat-tricks between Messi and Ronaldo?

Messi has netted 57 hat-tricks for club and country till now, putting him five behind Ronaldo's 62 career hat-tricks.

Who is the most highest goal scorer in history?

he highest goal scorer in history is the Portuguese super star Cristiano Ronaldo, having scored a total number of 840 goals so far.

Who has scored the most official goals in football history?

Ronaldo is also the leading the goal-scoring charts in International football and also the highest goalscorer in the history of football.

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