Top Five Best Defenders in Serie A 2020-2021

we are going to bring to the Serie A defenders whose performances where very prominent among others.Who is the Best Defender in Serie A ? Achraf Haki

 Nowadays the most valued post in football is that of strikers and wingers, but the Serie A is the football League association that values defenders the most as compared to other Leagues.

The Italian Serie A has always made defending its conerstone and this is why we see some Italian clubs putting in great amounts of money to fortify their backline. 

Who is the Best Defender in the Serie A ?

It is of no doubt that the Serie A is made up of intelligent, physically strong and skillful defenders, but in this our ranking, we are going to bring to the Serie A defenders whose performances where very prominent among others.

Top Five Best Defenders in Serie A 2020-2021

So let us get down to our ranking and see the best Serie  A defenders this season

5. Alessandro Bastoni - Inter Milan 

Alessandro Bastoni who has not yet won many popular awards out of the San Siro but the player played a key role in the backline of Inter Milan as they maintained their 1st spot in the Serie A table to later on emerge as Champions. 

Inter Milan who are the present Serie A champions, also conceded the least number of goals in the tournament and this showcases the credits of the young defender.

The 22 year old registered a great passing accuracy of 90%  and he is also good at reading the defensive side of the games intelligently as he averages more than 2 clearances in each game. The young defender still has time and a large room for improvement and can probably become a main player in Inter's back line. 

4. Juan Cuadrado - Juventus 

He has surely made great improvements to feature on this list thinking of the fact that last season the Old Lady'd faithful wanted the Colombian sold but now Juan Cuadrado is among the most valuable players in the Juventus Squad.

The colombian recorded the most number of assist this season in the Serie A by a defender as he made 19 assists in all competitions from which 10 came in the Serie A. 

Juan Cuadrado also played a great role to help Juventus qualify for the Champions League as he scored 2 goals on a decisive match against Inter Milan.

3. Robin Gosens - Atalanta 

Robin Gosens has been a revelation this season for Atalanta due to his great performances at the backline of Atalanta and this makes him gain the 3rd position of our ranking. 

Atalanta is a club fulled of formidable attackers who also make the force of the squad but Robin Gosens also seals the back as well. But it might be surprising to know that Robin Gosens even though playing as a defender, he has scored 11 goals and made 6 assists. 

2. Theo Hernandez - AC Milan 

Surely Theo Hernandez can make his way into any talks concerning the best left backs in the World. The French international has become a key player for AC Milan and has made another great season again that sees him sitted at the second spot of our ranking of the best defenders in the Serie A.

AC Milan  finished runners up in the Serie A this season and this is their highest finish in the Serie A since a decade. 

Theo Hernadez actually stands as the most prolific left back in the Serie A this season with 7 goals and 5 assists.

Top Five Best Defenders in Serie A 2020-2021

1. Achraf Hakimi- Inter Milan 

We have always known Achraf Hakimi to be a good defender but  under Antonio Conte this season, his performances where so amazing with hi playing more of the role of modern wing back. 

In the Serie A this season, Achraf Hakimi scored 7 goals and made 9 assists to help Inter Milan win the Serie titles for the 1st time since a dcade now.

His tireles runs up and down the left flank brought a new dimension to Inter's attack and this helped the likes of Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez upfront. 

Even though the other big Europeabn clubs have shown interest in the player, he made his intentios at staying at the club very clear.

Top Five Best Defenders in Serie A 2020-2021

The young Moroccan is already widely considered as one of the best wing back players in the World.

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