Greatest Barcelona Goalkeepers of All Time

Find out the Best Barcelona goalkeepers of all time.
Best Barcelona GoalKeepers of all time in the history of the club

In all the sports that contain the position of a goalkeeper, the post of a goalkeeper remains one of the most important and necessary individuals especially in the game of football.

Barcelona is a Spanish professional football club that plays in the la Liga which is the top tier League in Spain and they have never been relegated from this League since the creation of the League.

Barcelona was founded in the year 1899 and the club played its first season that same year. Barcelona stands as the number 4 most valuable sport team in the World as a whole and coming to revenue, they are the World's richest football club.

Barcelona actually stands as one of the successful clubs in Spain since they have won numerous trophies both in Spain and at international level. Barcelona holds the record number of Copa del Rey trophies which is at 31, they also have 26 la Liga titles, 13 Super Copa d'Espana and many other trophies.

It is obvious that a great part of Barcelona's success comes from the quality of players that the club have always  had right from their defenders to the attackers not also forgetting the goalkeepers even though goalkeepers are mostly remembered for the mistakes that they make.

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Who are the Best  Barcelona Goalkeepers of All Time ? 

Since Barcelona is  a great club, this obviously means that they have that purchasing power to obtain themselves the best goalkeeper that they need so it can be evident that they have always had good goalkeepers but the question now is who are the best Barcelona Goalkeepers of all time. Just stick on reading this post and you will have your doubts cleared so lets get started.

Marc Andre Ter Stegen

yeah Marc Andre ter Stegen not quite surprising to see this name here cause we all know how amazing he has been since his arrival at the club. He is popularly known as Ter Stegen and he is a  German Professional footballer who is widely known as one of the best goalkeepers in the World.

He plays as a goalkeeper in the German national team and also in Spanish club Barcelona where he is obviously the first choice goalkeeper.

Best Barcelona GoalKeepers of all time in the history of the club

Marc Andre Ter Stegen was born on 30th April 1992 in the City of Germany by name Monchengladbach and he started his youth career at the age of 4 years at Monchengladbach where he actually stayed there for a decade and a half years.

He then began his senior career as a footballer with Borussia Monchengaldbach II and due to his good performance and maturity in the game he later on moved to Borussia Monchengladbach where he made 108 appearances for them.

In the year 2014, he left the German side to join Barcelona where he established himself and started having a glorious career as he won a trebble in his first season. So far at Barcelona, he has already won almost every trophy that there is to win including a UEFA Champions League title and a FIFA Club World Cup in 2015.

Marc Andre Ter Stegen has good reflexes as a goalkeeper and he is also known for his smartness and passing ability . On November 24th, he marked his 100th clean sheet with FC Barcelona and on January 6th, he reached 250 appearances in all competitions for the club.

In conclusion, Marc Andre Ter Stegen is a great goalkeeper following his achievements at the club and so is unarguably one of the best goalkeepers of time both in Barcelona and in the World.

Pedro Artola

Of full name Pedro Maria Artola Urrutia. He  is a Spanish goal keeper who is already on retirement and he is popularly known to be one of the best Barcelona goalkeepers of all time. Pedro was born on 6th September 1948 in Spain more precisely on the City of Andoain and he started his professional career in the year 1967 with San Sebastian.

Later on in the years 1970, he joined the Spanish side Real Sociedad where he played for five years but appearing just in 30 matches. In the year 1975 when he was almost turning to 27 years, he signed for the Spanish giants Barcelona and was positioned as a successful goalkeeper for the next ten years.

Best Barcelona GoalKeepers of all time in the history of the club

One of the main fact why Pedro Artola is seen as one of Barcelona's Best goalkeepers in history is due his achievements and also the number of trophies that he won during his stay at the club. Pedro Artola won many trophies during his career at Barcelona including 4 Copa del Rey, a Super Copa D'Espana a UEFA Cup winner's Cup and many other individual honours that he won.

Victor Valdes

Victor Valdes Arribas is another goalkeeper who left his name unforgettable at Barcelona and it is not surprising that he makes it into the list of the greatest goalkeepers in Barcelona history. Victor Valdes born on the 14 of January 1982 in Spain and then started his youth career in 1992 and then he played with Barcelona C and Barcelona B before he signed a contract with the Senior Barcelona team in the year 2002 and he spend most of his career in Barcelona.

Victor Valdes won  the La Liga title six times as well as the UEFA Champions League and coming to individual titles, he won the Zamora trophy  a record five times.

He is considered a a generally high quality goalkeeper and he is known for his good reflexes, positioning, shot stopping capacities and also his way of handling the ball.  Victor Valdes was also known to be a clever goalkeeper who had the capacity to make decisive saves and also to read the game and better anticipate an upcoming shot or to intercept a long pass.

Best Barcelona GoalKeepers of all time in the history of the club

So looking at all these his glorious years at the club and all he won, he well deserves his spot on this list.

Javier Urruticoechea

Francisco Javier Gonzalez Urruticoechea, widely known as Urruti, he was a Spanish footballer who played in the position of a goalkeeper and  was among the best of his era.  Javier was born on the 17th of February 1952 in Sna Sebastian. He later on started his youth career when he was already 15 years old before he joined FC Barcelona in the year 1981. He was not a one club player cause he played for many other different clubs such as Real Sociedad, San Sebastian and Espagnol.

Urruti was known for his quickness in the goal and he became a legend in the La Liga as he played 307 games during 16 seasons in Spain. Just like the other goalkeepers on this list, he won many trophies including la Liga, Coap del Rey and many other trophies.

But Unfortunately, Javier died at the age of 49 years in a road accident near Barcelona but that does not stop him from being remembered as one of Barcelona's Best goalkeepers of all time.

Juan Zambudio Velasco

Here comes another Spanish football goalkeeper. he was born on the 21st of November 1921 in Alqueria, Spain ,  then he  began his senior career in 1940 and  just two years after he signed a contracte with Barcelona at his young age of 21 years. After his signing at the club, for the next 12 years he was positioned as the official goalkeeper of Barcelona before he unfortunately got injured in the eyes in the year 1954.

Still like all the other goalkeepers on our list, Velasco won many trophies with the Blaugrana. Juan Velasco died at the age of 82 years on the 21st of January 2004.

Ferenc Plattko

The next icon on our list of Barcelona Best goalkeepers of all time is Ferenc Plattko, who was a Hungarian footballer an manager. He was born on the 2nd of December 1898 in Budapest. Platko made his debut as a football goalkeeper in 1917 when he was just 20 years old.

He joined FC Barcelona in the year 1923 but he played for some other clubs like Vasas, Wiener, KAFK, MTK Hungarian.

In 1922 when MTK  played 2 friendly games against Barcelona, it was a great opportunity for him to amaze Barcelona for them to sign a contract with him.

Plattko finally established himself as a Barcelona legend and he made 189 appearances with them in seven years. During his 7 years at the club, he did not fail to win many trophies with Barcelona including some individual honours to himself.

Ferenc Plattko had many quality attrubutes to himself like his bravery as a goalkeeper.

Best Barcelona GoalKeepers of all time in the history of the club

Salvador Saduni

Salvador Saduni is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a goalkeeper during his career. He was born on the 3rd of April 1941 in Spain more precisely in L'Arboc and he began his youth career in the year 1956 by joinning the Vendrell training Club and just after one year he went to Barcelona.

In the year 1960, he started hus Seior career with Barcelona where he played for the remaining of his 16 years career during which he accumulated a total of 247 appearances. 

Salvador was so outstanding during his career that he won 3 Ricardo Zamora trophy awards with Barcelona as well as many other collective trophies.

Salvador went on retirement at the age of 35 years and he is still alive and propbably should be 80 years by now.

Ricardo Zamora

Ricardo Zamora who had a career both on pitch and outside the pitch as a manager is another goalkeeper whose name can never be left aside when talking about the best goalkeepers of Spain, Barcelona and even the World.

He was nicknamed El Divino and had fast reflexes and agility in the goal post and these are some of the qualities that made his power.

So probably talking about the best Barcelona goalkeepers of all time without mentioning Ricardo Zamora will make your list largely not complete cause he is an iconic goalkeeper.

In the year 1999, he was elected as the best Spanish goalkeeper by IFFHS as well as the 4th best in Europe and the 5th best overall goalkeeper of the 20th century by the World Soccer magazine.

Ricardo Zamora was also Spain's most capped player for 45 years.

He was born in the 14th of February 1901 in Barcelona, Spain and then he started his football with the youth team. In the year 1916, he began his senior career with the Spanish club ESpagnol and after just making 48 appearances at Espagnol, he joined Barcelona and set himself as a legend.

At the age of 77 years Ricardo Zamora passed out on the 8th of  September 1978 and it might interest you to know that the award of the best goal keeper in La Liga , the Ricardo Zamora trophy was named in honor of his greatness.

Final Thoughts On Greatest Barcelona Goalkeepers of All Time

These are just a few of the standout goalkeepers who have graced the Camp Nou throughout Barcelona's history. Each goalkeeper possessed unique qualities and contributed to the success of the club in different eras.

Please note that the rankings or choices may vary based on personal opinions and interpretations. Goalkeeping is a demanding position, and many talented goalkeepers have represented Barcelona over the years.

I hope you enjoyed this article! If you have any more questions or need further information, feel free to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the most clean sheets in Barcelona history?

Víctor Valdés played 535 official games of which he maintained a clean sheet in 237 games, or 44.3% of the matches.

Who is the legendary goalkeeper?

Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon holds the record for most wins (alongside Manuel Neuer and Iker Casillas). Gianluigi Buffon has made the top three an unprecedented fourteen times.

Who was the best player at Barcelona?

Lionel Messi

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