Best Premier League Players Ranked 2022

the question is who makes it into our ranking of the best Premier League players.Who is Currently the best player in the Premier League.

 The Premier League this season has already come to an end with the Champions of the Premier League 2021 being Manchester City and.

Manchester City has been outstanding this season and many of their players too have showed themselves world class.

Today, we are about to acknowledge the players whose performances have been remarkable through out the Premier League. 

Ranking of the Best Premier League Players 

The Premier League being one of the best leagues in the World, they also boast of some of the best players in the World but the question is who makes it into our ranking of the best Premier League players.

So stick on to your reading and find out the players that makes in our ranking.

1. Kevin De Bruyne- Manchester City 

We count a few number of players that can turn a game with just a flick of the outside foot or penetrating pass that can lead to a direct goal like the Belgian Kevin De Bruyne.

The Belgian international took his Premier League performances and display to a greater height in the 2019-2020 as he scored a career best of 13 goals in the campaign and made a mind blowing 20 assists. 

As soon as by the summer of the year 2020, Kevin De Bruyne had already been directly involved in 111 of City's 454 goals scored in the Premier League since the year 2015 and that is an outstanding 24.45% for him. 

He has a great vision that can be compared to Barcelona's Andres Iniesta, the confidence of Thierry Henry and the crossing ability of David Beckham. 

Best Premier League Players Ranked 2021

The main reason for Kevin De Bruyne rise is his earlier rejection in the Premier League by Chelsea after he made just 3 appearances. 

2. Harry Kane 

Harry Kane has been a goal scoring machine in the Premier League since his debut at the club.

The 2020-2021 season has been one of his best seasons so far cause his performances was good and consistent at the club and also taking at the number of goals he scored and assists that he made this season. 

Harry Kane this season played 35 Premier League matches for the Spurs and in 35 matches he made a total of 14 assists and scored 23 goals to emerge as the highest goalscorer in the Premier League. So reason why he stands undoubtedly at the second position of our ranking of the best Premier League players. 

Best Premier League Players Ranked 2021

3. Son Heung min - Tottenham

In the year 2015, Son moved from the German Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen and by his own admission we can say that he took a slow start in the Premier League. 

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But Son performances where really made when he ignitted a a partnership with the England international Harry Kane under the ex Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino.

The Korean international has played has played a total of 37 games and has made 10 assists and scored 17 goals in the Premier League. 

4. Bruno Fernandes - Manchester United 

The Portuguese international since his arrival at the club have made a great impact in the red devils's  squad and quickly adapted to become the clubs talisman due to his great performances at the middle of the pitch and also upfront. 

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In 12 months since Bruno Fernandes arrived the club, he has completely revolutionised the club and also their attacking thread upfront. 

In the Premier League 2021 the Portuguese performances were so amazing that he makes the 3rd spot of our ranking of the best Premier League players 2021.

The Portuguese international played a total of 37  games in the 2020-2021 Premier League campaign and made 12 assists and scored 18 goals. 

5. Ikay Gundogan

Surely Ikay Gundogan is that player that won the headlines of many newspapers due to his 2020-2021 performances in the Premier League and becoma a regular starter for the manager Pep Guardiola. 

Ikay Gundogan has been so amazing in this 2021 season taking Premier League player of the month 2 times this campaign. The German international played 28 Premier League games in the 2020-2021 campaign and scored a total of 13 goals and made 2 assists but his performances on the pitch for Manchester City really talks more than those stats. 

6. Ruben Dias 

This list would have surely been incomplete without the presence of Ruben Dias cause we can say that he is the main man at the back of Manchester City's defence since his debut for the club. 

He played in 32 games for Manchester City in this Premier League campaign and even though a defender he has scored 1 goal and made up to 15 clean sheets. He won 111 of his duels in the Premier  League with a tackle success percentage of 54% and this makes him really a player not to misout on our ranking. 

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7. Mohamed Salah 

The Egyptian international since his debut in the Premier League has always given the best out of his performances and 3 years back the Reds greatly relied on his goal scoring exploit to make their success. 

Liverpool individually did not had a great season even though they made a great Premier League start but the outrageous number of their key players that got injured at the mid of the season greatly affected the club but Mohamed Salah still the best of him this season.

The Egyptian international played a total 37 games for Liverpool and scored 22 goals which stands as highest behind Harry Kane and has made 5 assists. 

8. Jamie Vardy 

Jamie Vardy is always on the score sheet for Leicester and always giving the best out of his performances. Leicester City marked this season with a trophy that they won in the final against Chelsea. 
In the Premier League, Jamie Vardy has played  a total of  34 games in the 2020-2021 campaign and has scored 15 goals and made 9 assists in the Premier League for Leicester. 

9. Ngolo Kante'

Ngolo Kante has always been a great player in the Premier League especially as a defensive midfielder cause he seems to be everywhere on the pitch and always ready to make a great tackle on the ball and regain back possession for his team. 

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Ngolo Kante is a key player for Chelsea's squad due to his marking ability and his great performances on the ball and he has played in 30 games in the Premier League this season and has made 2 assists. 

10. Phil Foden

Even though his young age, he already has great maturity and reasoning on the ball and has so much become something of a regular starter for Pep Guardiola. In every game he is consistent in his performances. 

The young player played 28 games in the Premier League this season and scored 9 goals making 5 assists. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Who is the best player in the Premier League 2021? 

It is not quite always exact and accurate to tell the best player cause there are many criteria for classification but from our ranking the best player in the Pemier League is Kevin De Bruyne.

2. Who is Currently the best player in the Premier League.


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