Top 10 Tallest Soccer Players In The World (All Time Ranking)

Sure you have no idea of the tallest soccer player in the world. Find out in this article the ranking of the tallest footballers in the world.
Tallest Soccer Players

Particularly for players in the central defense, height can be a huge benefit. Naturally, it is a must for goalkeepers. In some cases, if an attacker is blessed with good height, they can also greatly benefit from their long legs. Let's look at a few of the tallest soccer players who have ever played.

Football is a game that showcases athletes of various shapes and sizes. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 tallest footballers in the world, highlighting their impressive stature and the impact they have on the field. These towering figures bring a unique physical presence to the game, often playing pivotal roles in defense, aerial battles, and set-piece situations.

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Who Is The Tallest Footballer In The World?

The tallest football player of all time is unquestionably Kristof van Hout, a professional goalkeeper from Belgium who is 6 feet 10 inches (2.08 meters) tall. Among the tallest soccer players of all time are the British attacker Paul Millar, who is 6 feet 10 inches (2.08 meters), and the Croatian goaltender Vanja Ivea, who is 6 feet 9 inches (2.05 meters) tall.

Ranking The Tallest Footballers In The World

This list is restricted solely to players who have contended at a good level of professional football, thus there aren't any amateur or part-time players. The list includes Premier League and international football stars, likewise as some less acquainted faces. Here are ten tallest football players in the world:

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1. Kristof van Hout – 6 Feet 10 Inches (2.08 Meters)

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With a huge height of 6 feet 10 inches, the 36-year-old goalkeeper is both the tallest goalkeeper and soccer player in the world. Before joining the PSV team, Jaap Stam played at Willem II, where he started his career in the Netherlands.

Later, he also participated in matches for K.V. Kortrijk of Belgium. On August 6, 2009, he then made a three-year contract move to Standard Liege. He also served as the goalie for Delhi Dynamos FC during the 2014–15 Indian Super League season.

Since 2022, Kristof has been a team member for Belgian Pro League team Lommel SK. Due to his 6'10" height, this lanky goalkeeper doesn't even need to jump to grab approaching corners.

2. Paul Millar – 6 Feet 10 Inches (2.08 Meters)

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Standing at 6 feet 10 inches (208 cm), Millar gained recognition for his time in Australian football. He played as a striker, utilizing his height to pose a threat in the opposition's penalty area.

3. Vanja Iveša – 6 Feet 9 Inches (2.05 Meters)

Vanja Ivesa, a goalkeeper from Croatia, previously played for NK Opatija. He also participated in matches for Turkey's first-division team Elazspor. On February 17, 2018, he broke the record for the oldest player to ever compete in the Croatian First Football League. 

Ivesa made his professional debut with NK Istra in 1995. Since then, he has played for numerous clubs both inside and outside of Croatia, including Sydney United FC of the Australian division, NK Zminj of Croatia, Eskişehirspor of Turkey, and his home club NK Istra.

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4. Yang Changpeng – 6 Feet 8 1/2 Inches (2.05 Meters)

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Yang Changpeng, hailing from China, is 6 feet 8 inches (205 cm) tall. He played as a forward, showcasing his physical presence in Chinese football.

Yang is a Chinese striker and is well known due to his stint with Bolton Wanderers in 2006. Upon his arrival, he was dubbed “Chinese Peter Crouch” when he was at a one-month trial in England.

But as he failed to make an impression, he moved back to his country. He then played for several Chinese clubs, such as Chengdu Blades, Shenzhen Fengpeng, Meizhou Kejia, and Yinchuan Helanshan.

5. Tor Hogne Aarøy – 6 Feet 8 1/2 Inches (2.04 Meters)

Tor Hogne Aaroy, a forward for the Norwegian Premier League team Aalesunds FK, scored some outstanding goals. Football experts have praised his time spent with the Japanese team JEF United Chiba.

The fifth tallest soccer player in the world is Tor Hogne Aaroy, who is 2.04 meters (6 ft 8 1/2 in) tall.

On January 27, 2009, Aary was selected for the Norwegian national team as a member of interim head coach Egil Olsen's initial roster. Sadly, he made the decision to leave the national team and remain at home while waiting for the arrival of his second child.

6. Lacina Traore – 6 Feet 8 Inches (2.03 Meters)

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Traoré, a forward from Ivory Coast, stands at 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm). He has played for several clubs, displaying his athleticism and imposing presence in the attacking third.

He was the tallest soccer player in the English Premier League when playing as a striker for Premier League team Everton. Due to his 6 feet 8-inch height, Traoré is also known as "The Big Tree" and the "Gentle Giant."

He also relies on his speed and power in addition to merely his height. Traoré also competed for Sporting Gijón, and on February 5, 2017, he made his La Liga debut against Alavés.

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7. Costel Pantilimon – 6 Feet 8 Inches (2.03 Meters)

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Pantilimon, a Romanian goalkeeper, stands at 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm). He has played for several clubs in Europe and is known for his shot-stopping ability.

While playing for City, he became the tallest soccer player in Premier League. After leaving the sky blues, he then played for Sunderland. At the height of 6’8″ (203 cm), he currently stands at the 7th spot.

He is known for his fine conduct and performance. Besides his club career, Pantilimon has also played for the Romanian national team since 2008.

8. Kjell Petter Opheim – 6 Feet 8 Inches (2.03 Meters)

Kjell Petter Opheim, a Norwegian football player, has received praise for his work with the Stryn Football team in the third tier of the Norwegian league. He utilized his height as a goalie in his prime, towering 6.8 feet tall.

Along with Stryn, he has played for a number of other prestigious teams, including the 1983 Norwegian Cup champions Moss FK and Lyn Football, two-time winners of the Norwegian Premier League.

Additionally, he took part in a number of competitive games with the Manglerud Star Club. Despite enjoying successful seasons in the Norwegian second division, Opheim never really cemented his place in the football world.

9. Even Iversen – 6 Feet 8 Inches (2.03 Meters)

Norwegian defender Even Iversen never played outside of Norway throughout his professional career. He started his footballing journey while playing for Oslo East and Flakstad, IL, during his childhood days.

He has played for the Norwegian club Hasle-Løren Idrettslag since his joining in 2013. The only pinnacle of his professional soccer career came when he played for the Norwegian League Champions Bode/Glimt in 2006-2007.

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10. Øyvind Hoås – 6 Feet 8 Inches (2.03 Meters)

He is a lanky Norwegian football player who has established himself in the sport. Since his arrival in 2015, Oyvind Hoas has been a striker for Kristiansund.

He began his football career while playing for Molde FK, and two years later he moved on to Fredrikstad. He received praise for his brief time with the Norwegian first-division team Honefoss.

In addition to his club performances, Hoas also represented Norway at the under-21 international level. He is one of the tallest soccer players in the world at 6 feet, 8 inches.

Final Thoughts: Top 10 Tallest Soccer Players In The World

The top 10 tallest footballers in the world bring a unique physicality to the game, using their height to their advantage in various positions on the field. Their towering presence can influence aerial battles, offer an advantage in set-piece situations, and provide a commanding presence in goal. These players have left their mark on the footballing world, showcasing their unique skills and making a significant impact on the game with their height and athleticism.

Please note that the heights listed are approximate and may vary slightly. Additionally, while height can be an advantage in football, it is just one aspect of a player's overall ability, and many factors contribute to a player's success on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the tallest player in FIFA mobile?

The answer is Tomáš Holý from Ipswich Town (206 cm).

Is Peter Crouch the tallest soccer player?

Although the likes of Peter Crouch, Jan Koller and Nikola Zigic are known giants in the game, none of them make the list of Tallest Footballers in the world.

Who is the tallest football in the Premier League?

Top spot for the 2023/24 season is a tie between Newcastle United defender Dan Burn, Tottenham keeper Fraser Forster and Luton Town's Matt Macey all measuring up at (2.01m/6ft 5in).1

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