Greatest Premier League XI of All Time

Though the passage of several great players in the Premier League, Find out the best ever Premier League 11.

Best Premier League eleven

Premier League is one of the major football Leagues in Europe and in the world and many great and outstanding players have played in the League at a given point in their career. But have you ever imagine which of all these great players could feature  in the squad of the Premier League best eleven of all time.

It is quite not an easy choice to make from the fact that the Premier League have an uncountable number of great players and legends so any player that will feature in this Premier League best eleven of all time should be seen as the best at his post.

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The complete list of the Best Premier League XI of all time

All the players that have been selected to be part of this Premier League best ever eleven, are amongst the the legends of the the Premier League and they are all retired players by now.

Petr Cech - Goalkeeper

The first player on this list of the best Premier League eleven ever is the goalkeeper from Czech who went on retirement not long ago.

Petr Cech is a goalkeeper who played for Arsenal and Chelsea, In his 20 years of career, he played the greater part of his career in the Premier League as he played in the League for 15 years.

The Czech goalkeeper holds a number of records in the Premier League , 25 in number and the most important of these records that he holds to his records is the most Premier clean sheets which stands at 202.

Still on Clean sheets, he still holds the record of the most number of clean sheets at a single club(Chelsea) were he had 162 clean sheets, Most Premier League clean sheets in a single season (24) in the year 2004- 2005, the first Premier League goalkeeper to reach the threshold of 200 clean sheets and the first Premier League goalkeeper not to concede a goal in 1000 minutes of play.

During his years at the French club Rennes, he was also named as the best goalkeeper of the French League in the year 2003- 2004. The Czech goalkeeper aside from his records, he also holds a good number of trophies to his name and all of which he won during his years at Chelsea and Arsenal.

Garry Neville - Right Back

The second on our list of the best Premier League XI ever is the right back player by name Garry Neville who is presently on retirement at 46 years.

During his 19 years of career, he only played in the Premier League with the club Manchester United from the year 1999 to the year 2011. During his career at the red devils, he made a total of 602 appearances winning as many as 8 Premier League titles.

Gary Neville is also seen as one of the most decorated English and European players. In total at Manchester United, he won 20 trophies including two UEFA Champions League titles.

At international level, he stands as the most capped English right back ever with a total of 85 appearances that he made for England between 1995 and 2007.

After Ryan Giggs, Garry Neville was considered as the second longest serving player at Manchester United.

The English right back Garry Neville was a more physical player with hard tackles on the ball and an aggressive manner of player and this actually made him more of a traditional defender.

Ashley Cole - Left Back

Ashley Cole is a retired English football who is surely 40 years by now. Likely to the goalkeeper on our list (Petr Cech), Ashley Cole played for only two Premier League clubs.

He played most of his career at Chelsea and Arsenal for 15 years combined before he also served 3 other clubs which are As Roma, LA Galaxy, and Derby County for five a combined period of five years.

Ashley Cole was a member of the Arsenal team that was called the invincible who finished the year 2003 - 2004 without loosing any game that season.

He is also considered to be one of he best full backs ever in the world of football following some critics  and also at international level, he is the most capped English fullback looking the number of appearances he made ( 107) for the England National team between the year 2001 to 2014.

Ashley Cole during his young years was more of an attacker and was supposed to play as forward but the player later on Changed his mind and suddenly developed that love of playing as a defender but still he kept his attacking instincts in him.

Best Premier League ever XI

Rio Ferdinand - Center Back

The first Centre back on our list is Rio Ferdinand who is a 42 years old English footballer who served top Premier teams. For the majority years of his career, he played for Manchester United ( 12 years ) between 2002 to 2014 and he is also considered as one of the most decorated English players ever.

Rio Ferdinand succeeded in winning almost all of his club trophies including a total of six Premier League titles with Manchester United.

In the year 1997 - 1998 he received the individual honour of West Ham's Hammer of the year and also he is seen as one of the best defenders that has ever played for Manchester United and the English national team.

John Terry - Center Back

The second center back on our list of the best Premier League eleven ever is actually the English defender who retired less than five years ago.  John Terry is an English defender who played for the top Premier League club Chelsea for almost all of his career as he played for 19 years from the year 1998 to the year 2017.

Within this interval, he made a total 717 appearances for the Premier club Chelsea and scored 67 goals for the blues and became the club's top scoring defender of all time.

John Terry also stands as Chelsea's most successful Captain ever, winning most trophies that is to be won by a club. He won five Premier League titles and also holds the record of the most number of appearances as a Captain (580) for the Blues.

He also stands as the only Player in the Premier League to have won up to five Premier titles as a Captain and he also holds the record for the most number of appearances for Chelsea.

So looking at the above statistics and personal honours, it is of no doubt that John Terry deserves his spot in this list.

Patrick Vieira - Central Midfielder

We are already done with the back of the pitch, now coming to the midfield, Patrick Vieira is the first midfielder on this list of the Premier League best XI ever. Patrick Vieira is a 44 years Senegalese-footballer  actually on retirement.

He played for top Premier League and Serie A sides like Manchester City, Arsenal in England and Juventus and Inter Milan in Italy during his career. Even though he played for four different clubs, he made the most number of appearances at the Premier League club Arsenal( 406 appearances ) in all competitions between the years 1996 and 2005 that he played for Arsenal.

Patrick Vieira also won most of his club trophies with the Premier League club Arsenal, 10 trophies including 3 Premier League titles.

 AT his time in Italy too, he won 3 Serie A titles with Inter Milan and also featured in the French national team that won the World Cup in the year 1998 and Euro in the year 2000.

He also counts some personal records and honours to his name like being named the French player of the year in 2001 and in 2019, he was awarded the Golden foot Legends award.

Steven Gerrard - Central Midfielder

The second player playing at the center of the pitch on our list is Steven Gerrard. Steven George Gerrard is a 40 years retired international English player who played the greater part of his career in the Premier League club Liverpool.

Gerrard holds two Liverpool's record , the one of most appearances as a captain ( 473) and Liverpool's top scorer in the UEFA Champions League Competition having a total of 30 goals in the Champions League.

He also has a quite good number of individual honor to his name and these includes: Liverpool's player of the season in the years 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2009 , Ballon Dor Bronze award in 2005 and Premier League top assist provider in 2013 -2014 season.

At International level, he made 114 appearances for the England national team and this makes him the fourth most capped English footballer ever.

Franck Lampard - Attacking midfielder

Franck Lampard is the one and only attacking midfielder on this list of the best Premier League XI ever. Franck Lampard is a 42 years old retired English footballer who has played for Chelsea during the majority of years in his career. He played at Chelsea for 13 years that is from the year 2001 to the year 2014.

Even though he was a midfielder during his career, Lampard presently stands as Chelsea's top scorer of all time with 211 goals to his name in 648 appearances that he made for the club, this means an average of almost one goal in every match and this is a record that none of Chelsea forwards have never broken until now.

Franck Lampard also has a number of individual honors to his name including the Ballon Dor Silver award in the year 2005, Premier League player of the season in the year 2004-2005 and Premier League top assists provider in the year 2004-2005, 2008-2009, 2009-2010.

Franck Lampard style of play was exceptional and he could play in any position in the midfield and also as a supporting striker. He could also score goals from a distance as he had a heavy and accurate shot even though from a distance.

Wayne Rooney - Right Winger

The first player on our list that occupies the position of a winger, Wayne Rooney is a 35 years old retired English footballer who played for the top Premier League club Manchester United more than any other club during his career.

He played at the club for 13 years between 2004 and 2017 during which he made a total of 559 appearances scoring 253 goals for the club in all competitions. Rooney is actually the formation of Everton but he played just 117 appearances for the club and scored 28 goals during his three years of service at the club.

Wayne Rooney is the top scorer at Manchester United and also in the England national team where he scored 54 goals.

The two records above are some of his records and added to it, Rooney is also one of the only two English footballers to have scored more than 200 Premier League goals during their career with the first being Alan Shearer with 260 goals.

And as if that is not all, Wayne Rooney has a good number of individual honors to his name and also some club trophies to his name among which there are five Premier League titles and a FIFA Club World Cup Golden Ball received in the year 2008 and he is also nick named as the "new Pele" .

Rooney could play in any position during his career especially in the front line and was more often used as a playmaking midfielder after his thirties.

Rooney was a goal scoring machine, he was able to score goals both inside and outside the box even from Volleys.

Thierry Henry - Left Winger

Thierry Henry is the third non English footballer to feature in this list of best Premier League XI ever. He is a 43 years old retired French player who played for top clubs such as Arsenal, Barcelona and Juventus.

But he is often known and remembered as an Arsenal Player as he made the most appearances and scored the most number of goals in his career at Arsenal. He scored a total o 226 goals in 370 appearances between the year 1999 and 2007 and this means 1.2 goals in every two appearances.

Looking at this goal scoring record and statistics, Thierry Henry was undoubtedly a prolific goal scorer for Arsenal.

He is one of the most deserving players to be on this list as he holds up to 25 Premier League, Arsenal and French national team records to his name but with the most prominent being his 228 goals scored at Arsenal making him the all time goal scorer for Arsenal.

Best Premier League eleven of all time

Alan Shearer - Forward

The only forward on list is Alan Shearer. He is a 50 year old retired English footballer whoe played for only three clubs during his career: Southampton, Newcastle and Black Burn Rovers.

Just like the preceding player Thierry Henry, Alan sherer was also a prolific goal scorer who scored a total of 379 goals in his 734 club appearances.

Coach: Alex Ferguson

Ferguson is the best manager in the PL following his 13 league trophies with Man United. He built a series of successful squads that dominated English football and managed some of the best players in history.

Who has won the Premier League 13 times?

Since the Premier League was founded in 1992, only seven teams have won it. However, Manchester United has won the most trophies (13). United won the inaugural edition in 1992/93 and last won it in 2012/13. Other winners are Manchester City (7), Chelsea (5), Arsenal (3), Blackburn Rovers (1), Leicester City (1), and Liverpool (1).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best Premier League team of all time?

Although the Red Devils have the most Premier League titles, Manchester City's 2017/18 squad is considered the best team in history. The team, coached by Pep Guardiola, won the title with the most points in history (100). In addition, they scored the most goals in an EPL season (106) and the biggest margin (19-point gap).

What is the greatest Premier League team of all time?

Manchester United remain the most successful team in Premier League history, winning 13 titles over 20 years to edge ahead of their competitors.

Who are the Big 4 in Premier League?

The “Big Four” are the four teams Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, who have made the Premiership one of the most utterly predictable leagues in Europe over the past few years.

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