10 Players Who Have Played For The Most Clubs

Find out the football player that played for the most clubs during his career.

10 Players Who Have Played For The Most Clubs

In Football, players use to change clubs for either financial or professional reasons and at times it might be for both reasons. Across the years in the game, we have seen players changing clubs as regular as every after one season.

The Fast commercialization of football especially in the last 2 decades, has seen into it that football is no longer the same as it was at the start.

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Who Has Played for the Most Soccer Clubs?

The Concept of  "Normad footballers" actually existed since the start of the game but it has gained much more prominence now that transfer fees and player salaries have gone much more higher. Players barely think twice now before changing clubs when a better offer comes.

So lets get down to see which players has played for the most clubs in their career.

Which Player Has Played For The Most Clubs

John Burridge during his career played for as many as 29 different clubs thereby playing for more clubs than any other player in the history of football.

Players Who Have Played For the Most Football Clubs

In the world of football, players often build their careers at a single club, becoming synonymous with its identity. However, there are some players who have taken a different path, showcasing their versatility and adaptability by representing numerous clubs throughout their careers.

In this article, we will explore ten remarkable players who have played for the most clubs, highlighting their journeys, achievements, and the impact they made at each stop along the way.

10. Craig Bellamy - 9 Clubs

Bellamy started his career as a professional player with Norwich in the England Championship where he played 4 years before making his first Premier League debut with Conventry City in the year 2000-2001.

He played in the position of a striker and after making his Premier League debut with Conventry, he went to spend 4 years at Newcastle where he score 43 goals and made 128 appearances.

Clubs played for: Norwich City, Conventry, Newcastle United, Celtic, Black Burn Rovers, Liverpool, West Ham United, Manchester City and Cardiff City.

9. Juninho Paulista - 9 Clubs

Juninho Paulista or simply known as Juninho played for 9 different clubs during his career.

The Brazilian international played the most of his club career with the English club Middlesbrough where he scored 34 goals in 152 games. The Brazilian was renowned for his ball control and acceleration so was pursued by many top European clubs but every one was surprised when he decided to move to newly promoted Middlesbrough in the year 1995.

Clubs played for: Middlesbrough, Atletico Madrid, Celtic, Sydney and some 5 clubs in Brazil

8. Peter Crouch - 10 Clubs

Peter Crouch stood tall among the big players of the English football and he played for as many as 10 different clubs during career before retiring at the age of 38.

The tall striker signed his very first contract as a professional with Tottenham Hotspur bit he did not even played a single game for Spurs.

Clubs played for; Tottenham, QPR, Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Norwich, Stoke City,

7. Robbie Keane - 11 Clubs

Robbie Keane, an Irish forward, had a prolific career playing for various clubs in England and beyond. Keane represented teams such as Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Inter Milan, and LA Galaxy. His goal-scoring prowess and leadership qualities allowed him to make a significant impact at each club he played for.

Robbie Keane is one of the 9 players that have scored for 6 different clubs in the Premier League and actually stands as the number 15 highest goal scorer in the Premier League.

Robbie Keane made his first professional debut for Wolverhampton Wanderers in the year 1997 in the English first Division before making his first Premier League debut 2 years later with Conventry.

Clubs played for: Wolverhampton Wanderers, Conventry City, Inter Milan, Leeds United, Tottenham, Liverpool, West Ham United, Aston Villa, LA Galaxy, ATK.

6. Nicolas Anelka - 11 Clubs

Nicolas Anelka, a French striker, is another player who has had a nomadic career, representing numerous clubs across Europe. Anelka played for prominent teams such as Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Manchester City. His goal-scoring prowess and technical abilities made him a valuable asset for each team he played for, leading to his frequent transfers.

Just like Craig Bellamy and Robbie Keane, Nicolas Anelka is also one of the only players in the Premier League history to have scored for 6 different clubs in the competition.

He played for 4 of the big six clubs in the Premier League; Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea.

The French striker played for as many as 11 clubs during his career travelling around Europe and even to Asia as he played in the Chinese Super League and in India too. 

5. Andy Cole - 12 Clubs

Andy Cole started his professional career in the Old first Division with Arsenal in the year 1989-1990 but played only once for the club in 3 seasons before he move to Fulham even though in the 3rd Division.

Andy Cole finally made his Premier League debut with Bristol in the year 1992-1993 and coincidentally it was also the 1st year that of the renamed English first Division. He excelled in a multiple of clubs and this caught the attention of sir Alex Fergusson who bought him to Manchester United.

Andy Cole During his career played for clubs like, Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Manchester City, Portsmouth, Bristol, Chelsea, Sunderland, Manchester United, Birmingham, Burnley, Nothingham Forest, Newcastle.

10 Players Who Have Played For The Most Clubs

4. Christian Vieri- 12 Clubs 

At the level of Italian football, Christian Vieri is one of the most decorated strikers in Italian football. The Centre Forward is one of the rare players that have won the Pichichi with Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan.

The legendary player played for as many as 12 different clubs , seven of them in the Italian Serie A and he won the Serie A 2 times with Juventus.

3. Marcus Bent - 14 Clubs

Marcus Bent scored 100 goals in 573 games for as many as 14 different clubs during his career as he wandered from club to club.

The striker made his professional debut for the English club Brentford in the second Division back in the year 1994-1995. Marcus Bent played for 6 different clubs in the Premier League.

2. Rivaldo - 15 clubs

The Brazilian international Rivaldo is popularly known as on of the best players of his generation. Rivaldo was a versatile player as he could play in a multiple positions on the pitch; striker, midfielder or winger.

Rivaldo played for as many as 15 different clubs during his career but with his most prolific stay being the five years that he spent at Barcelona. Rivaldo scored 130 goals in 235 games for the Blaugrana, winning 2 back-to-back prestigious Ballon D'or awards.

He later on played in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Angola before he lastly played for Brazilain Serie B side.

1. John Burridge- 29 Clubs

John Burridge during his career played for as many as 29 different clubs thereby playing for more clubs than any other player in the history of football.

The goalkeeper holds the record of appearing for the most number of different clubs (18) in the history of the English Football League.

Which player has played for 8 Premier League clubs?

The ultimate Premier League journeyman, Marcus Bent played for a record eight sides in the top flight, scoring for 6 of them. His first appearances in the Prem came in January 1998, when Crystal Palace signed him from Brentford for £300,000.

Final Thoughts on Players Who Have Played For The Most Clubs

These ten players have showcased their adaptability, versatility, and talent by representing numerous clubs throughout their careers. Their journeys have not only provided them with diverse experiences and challenges but have also left a lasting impact on each club they played for. The ability to thrive in different footballing environments is a testament to their skill and passion for the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which player has played for the most clubs in the Premier League?

The player who has represented the most Premier League clubs in history, Marcus Bent made 215 appearances for eight different EPL clubs during his career.

Which player has scored for 7 different Premier League clubs?

Craig Bellamy is the only player on this list and in Premier League history who has scored for SEVEN different teams.

Which player has played for the most Big 6 clubs?

French forward, Nicolas Anelka, has played for more Big Six Premier League teams than any other footballer. During his career, he wore the shirts of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City.

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